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Marianne Frederick experienced dog trainer
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My Story

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I grew up an only child in the country, surrounded by fields. I wished for a sibling to play with, but year after year, no sibling arrived. So our German Shepherds were my playmates. We spent lots of time playing in the yard, the woods, and the crick. Mabe that is why I feel a special bond with dogs.


When I was 13 years old, my baby sister was born. Shortly after that, my Mom learned of Dog Obedience Classes held in Edgerton, OH and asked if I would be interested. I was thrilled and jumped at the chance. It was old school training with choker chain collars, no treats. My dog did GREAT!

In 1995, I merried my husband, Kenny, and we moved onto his plot of land. I was in awe of the hawks soaring over head and the eerie cries that they made. So we called our little piece of paradise, "Hawk Haven." 

Years later, while working at Con Agra in Archbold, OH, I was inspired by my sister-in-law to become a dog breeder for extra money and a fun hobby. Reseaching many breeds. I knew I did not want my puppies to end up with families that would tie them outside in the backyard, lonely, only getting visited once a day at feeding time. (This was very common when I was growing up). So I wanted to choose a dog breed that people would want to keep in the house, cuddle in their laps, a breed that could live in a farm house or in a city apartment. But, sadly that did NOT guarantee the dogs wouldn't end up tied outside and ignored. So, I chose a breed that would HAVE to live in the house with their owners.


I LOVE Weird Things and fell in LOVE with Hairless Chinese Crested. It was the first of January when I decided on my first Hairless Chinese Crested, Chu Lu from Louisiana. January is too cold for a Hairless puppy to fly, so we waited for the weather to break. While I waited, I learned from Pete & Sal's (Sally), Northwest Ohio Dog Trainers in Montpelier, Ohio. I loved my dog training classes at 13, and these latest classes would also help get my foot in the door with other dog people who might be interested in my purchasing my litter of puppies. 

Long story short, after 2 litters of puppies, loving every part of it, EXCEPT finding good homes for my puppies, I quickly decided breeding was NOT for me. Thank you, God, for pointing that out to me early. I now know, Dog Breeding is a very deep rabbit hole. I have GREAT respect for responsible breeders, BUT still Loved my Chinese Cresteds and prefer dog training. 

A few years later, I had just started working for Champain Residential Services, home support staff for people with Developmental Disabilities. While there, I found Animal Behavior College's Certified Training Instructor Program. I remember how much I enjoyed dog training classes. So I enrolled. Part of my training was to I work with a mentor in Bowling Green and accumulate 10 hours of volunteer work. I volunteered at Paulding Co. Dog Shelter, working with all the dogs, many different breeds and behavior issues. I enjoyed working with the shelter dogs so much, I continued for a year and a half after graduation. 

April 2009, I was wringing my hands, worried I would not pass my final exames with ABC. I already had my first dog training classes schedualed to start May 1st in Paulding and Defiance. Thankfully I passed!   :)

While still working with the shelter dogs, I expressed to Mindy Lachey, the Paulding Co. Dog Warden at the time, that I would like to go on to learn more training and be able to offer more advanced dog training classes. Mindy gave me a few contacts. I chose to join Fort Wayne Obedience Training Club. Every week for 3 years straight, I LOVED taking weekly classes at the club. Many different training classes to choose from and they always came up with new things for you to learn. You never got board. I made many wonderful new friends, who encouraged me to enter a Dog Obedience Trial in Muncie, IN. There, my Chinese Crested "Emporer Hairy Chin" & I earned our very first qualifying green ribbon in AKC Rally Novice. A couple months later, we earned our very first AKC Rally Novice Title, along with the 1st Place Blue Ribbon. Why didn't my new friends warn me?! 


"Ribbons Are Addicting!!!" 

I went on the earn many more AKC Obedience, Rally, and CGC Titles with my dogs. I am still a club member.


Many years later, with job changes from working for Developmental Disabilities, being a Personal Companion for a resident at Fulton Manor, going back to school to earn my STNA, Home Healthcare for the elderly, to Home Healthcare for two wonderful people my own age, who due to freak accidents, are now quadriplegics, I continued to give Dog Training Classes almost everyday after work. Occasionally, I would bring a dog to work with me. My clients' spirits would really improved. It was probibly the happiest they had been all week. I had always been interested in Service Dogs and the incredible things they can do for people.


January 2021, I took to plunge, enrolling in Animal Behavior Institute's Certified Therapy and Service Dog Training Program. I was required to take 5 different - 10 weeks classes and train a Service Dog for someone. Again, God provided me with someone who had had several neck & back surgeries. They asked for my help in training their dog. I said, "Awesome! I need a dog to train!" It was the perfect match.  Working full time, giving dog classes after work, doubling up on my own classes, and training a Service Dog. I decided when I graduated it was time to take my dog training to the next level. New Year's Eve 2021 was my last day of my real job. The day after New Year's 2022, I went full time with my dog training business that I had been cultivating for 13 years. I was extremely nervous. I must be crazy. It turned out, I had more dog students the first month than I normally had in a whole year. God has continued to bless me with wonderful students and their dogs. When my students accomplish something for the first time, I Cheer! Hurray! Way to Go! I think I am more excited than they are.


I have been wanting an assistant for a while. Someone who is very knowledgeable about balanced, mostly positive, dog training methods. Someone who possesses the same values I believe in. Someone who will treat all my students, dog & humans with kindness & respect. A person who can teach classes by themselves so we can help more people. Someone very trustworthy and dependable. How on Earth will I ever find a person like that? Ta-Da, God brought JJ Daggett to me. Besides fullfilling my long checklist, we have had a lot of the same dog training teachers, we belong to the same club, we are both AKC Evaluators, JJ is currently attending Animal Behavior College to become Certified, and we have a lot of the same interests outside of dog training. Another great match.

JJ & I worked for 4 month on our teaching & training styles. We are like McDonald's. No matter what class time, class location, or class instructor you go to, you will be getting the same great lesson, taught exactly the same way. Besides accomplishing this huge undertaking, JJ has also developed our Advanced Fundamentals Course. With her Dog Attention games and different methods, all the students in this course are doing FABULOUSLY well! The students have been much more suggessful going onto more advanced levels of training.

cartoon of Chinese crested

Marianne Frederick

Meet JJ

first place dog obedience ribbons displayed on winning dog's crate
  • Certified Dog Training Instructor, 2023 Graduate of Animal Behavior College

  • Over a decade of Dog Training Experience. 

  • AKC Evaluator for CGC, Trick Dog, & ATT

  • Member of Therapy Dog International & Tail Waggin' Tutors Reading Program

  • Member and Training Instructor at Fort Wayne Obedience Training Club. 

  • Former Training Instructor at Northwest Ohio Dog Trainers in Montpelier, OH with Pete & Sal.

  • Earned many, many AKC & UKC Ribbons & Titles with her own dogs, in Obedience, Rally Obedience, Agility, Therapy Dog, Canine Good Citizen, and Farm Dog

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