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BASIC OBEDIENCE 8pm Tue. in Van Wert

Mostly Positive Training Methods Making Training FUN for You & Your Dog

Note: The Basic Course 1st Lession is 2hrs.

Your Certified Class Training Instructor is Marianne Frederick - BASIC OBEDIENCE/GOOD MANNERS COURSE is for any age dog. The 8 week course is $250 per dog. Making Your Life with your Dog, Much Easier!! It is a Steal of a Deal! *YOU and your DOG Will Learn: All the Basic Commands (Walking politely on a leash, Sit, Down, Off, Come, Sit Stay, Down Stay, Leave It, Heel, etc.) And Then we use those basic commands to teach the dog some good manners (Waiting for your permission to eat, go through doorways, getting in & out of car, meeting strangers and strange dogs, greeting guests at the door, etc.)

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