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Advanced Fundamental 5pm Wed. Ottawa

Bring your Commands to the Next Level

Note: The Basic Course 1st Lession is 2hrs.

Your Certified Class Training Instructor is Marianne Frederick Advanced Fundamentals is a 7 week Course. Working on keeping your dog focused on you. No matter what distraction are going on around you. Your dog is always watching & listening to you. Your dog never knows when you are going to do something unpredictable. So they need to pay close attention to you. With your dog's Undivided Attention, we work around distractions (loud noises, food, moving objects, other people, & animals). Enhancing your heeling (fast, slow, halt, forward, turns, & circles), long distance Stays, long distance Recalls, etc. With this Course we are working with regular flat buckle collars and weening off treats. Advanced Fundamentals Course is great for anyone who wants more attention and control from your dog. Highly recommended as the next step right after Basic Obedience. *Especially important to prepare you for success in your Canine Good Citizen, Therapy Dog, or Service Dog training.

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